Latest Lifestyle Trends 2014

The introduction of the media – films, television, magazines and internet has seen a rapid increase in lifestyle changes. In simple terms, lifestyle trends and changes involve the way people dress, eat, communicate among other things. To a large extent, lifestyle trends have been heavily influenced by the rich and famous. Here is a look at some of the latest lifestyle trends for 2014.

Techno toilets.

While the luxury toilet market is yet to take off in some countries, in some parts of the world like Japan, it has really taken off. In this respect, 2014 is likely to see a shift of attention from contemporary toilets to techno toilets. These toilets feature automatic seat lifters, heated sets, blow-dryers and musical capabilities to ward off any embarrassing moments. A model still in the pipeline would be able to detect the amount of glucose in urine, after which it is directly sent to your doctor.
Mobile grocery buses.

At first glance, you may confuse a mobile grocery bus for a typical public transportation mode. In reality, it is a farmer’s market. These are mobile grocery store buses that are likely to change the way people eat and live in 2014, for the better. These buses do more than just bringing these healthy foods closer to the community. They actually educate people who are not familiar with such produce to let them know that they (the produce) can be used to make delicious, healthy meals.
Food waste fertilizing.

There is no denying that most people rarely use the spots they have set up for organic waste. However, 2014 is likely to provide a different outlook altogether. Thanks to urban composter, the act of responsibly discarding edibles will be much more effective and accessible for the betterment of the environment. The urban composter will be able to make the world greener in 2014 by controlling the ratio of carbon and nitrogen in the air through aerobic digestion. The result is a reduction of harmful greenhouse gases.

The rise of Do It Yourself

Thanks to the hard economic times and the popularity of DIY sites, the do-it-yourself is a concept that is likely to take deep roots in 2014. Millions of crafters from across the world are making everything on their own, from furniture to household equipment among other things. And owing to the aging population, many people will have lots of free time to engage in such activities like never before.

Step ford husbands.

The step ford husband is the type of husband that is compliant, considerable in the bedroom and down to earth. In theory, he is the perfect husband; the type that every woman dreams of. 2014 is the year that more of step ford husbands are likely to be seen like never before, given the fact that women are taking up a lot of responsibilities that were initially reserved for men. With step ford husbands, women are likely to call the shots in relationships and make decisions that have far-reaching effects like those touching on passport renewal. As a result, they (women) will think they no longer need committed partners for either financial of emotional support.

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